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UX design

Clients: ebay, Pearson and Informatica

Researcher and UX designer for a range of business-to-business and consumer platforms that included ebay, HPShopping, SAP, Informatica, SilverPOP, employing a rigorous methodology called Goal-Directed design that was pioneered by Alan Cooper in the late 90s. Known for its ability to solve tough design problems for highly complex systems, Goal-Directed design is rooted in diving deep into the behavior and perceptions of a system's users. The process was also unique in that we work in a complementary teams of two people.


Here are two of my favorite projects from that era - one for Harcourt Assessment (now Pearson) that called for a design of an interim testing platofrm for students grades 3 - 11 to determine their readiness for end-of-year high stakes test. The other is for Redwood City-based Informatica, a leader in data analytics and business analytics, who needed a design of PowerAnalyzer, their first first front-end web delivery system for delivering analytics to enterprise executives.


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